Worried About Your Diet? Here’s Some Tips to Change Your Eating Habits

In the US, obesity is a big problem. It’s one of the main causes of heart disease, diabetes and stroke and is principally down to diet. However, in a world where fried foods tempt us from every restaurant and candy calls from every shop, changing bad eating habits can feel like a real challenge.

However, if you’re serious about staying healthy, it’s vital to start addressing negative diet choices and develop a better way of eating.

Top Tips to Improve Your Diet

1) Be aware of what you’re eating. It’s easy, particularly when you’re at work or distracted with another task, to lose track of what you’re consuming. Reaching inside the cookie jar is all too simple at times! Keep a food diary, outlining exactly what you’ve eaten throughout the day. Being fully aware of bad eating habits will help you to beat them.

2) Think about why you’re eating. When you next reach for a bar of chocolate, think about why you’re doing it. Do you feel upset about something and are looking for an emotional pick-me-up? Are you bored? Are you feeling tired and looking for a quick energy-fix? Identifying the reason behind your dietary choice will help you change your decision for something healthier.

3) Think of substitutions. Remember, following a healthy diet doesn’t mean living in a state of starvation. On the contrary, there’s plenty of delicious food out there that’s also good for you! Instead of potato chips, have a handful of raw nuts. Instead of chocolate, eat a banana. Find foods that give you the same buzz as the unhealthy choices.

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