How Urgent Care Supports Personalized Care

Urgent care centers treat a wide variety of injuries and sicknesses. Their fast, no-appointment and less expensive services are very attractive to non-ER patients. They are usually open in the evenings and weekends and are required by law to have a fully qualified physician on site.

Urgent Care Centers Performs Legwork for the Primary Care Provider

Urgent care centers are usually open during after-hours and weekends when the office of a primary care provider is closed and a patient needs non-ER treatment. They provide initial work to ensure that a patient is comfortable and his or her condition is manageable until the patient can visit his or her primary care provider for further care. Urgent care centers like the PM Pediatrics takes special care to forward analysis and results from a patients visit to his or her primary care provider. They also ensure there is timely follow-up and continuity of care.

Urgent Care Centers Relieve Stress on Primary Care Provider

The no-appointment policy of urgent care centers makes it easy for a patient to receive immediate treatment from any available facility. This situation makes it convenient for the primary care physician to focus on looking at the more detailed root cause of the problem and providing better continuing care. It reduces the volume of patients who visit the primary care provider daily, relieves the stress and allows the primary care provider to builder a better relationship with each patient.

Urgent Care Centers are Partners in Your Personalized Care

Urgent care centers understand that continuing care is taken care of by a patient’s primary care provider, but they make sure that they provide immediate care. They work hard to give the primary care provider all the information obtained from a patient’s visit. Together, they ensure that your health is given the highest priority.