Urgent Care: A Great ER Alternative for Seniors

Over the last several years, urgent care has become a very popular option for many people, including seniors. These clinics provide care for a variety of non-life threatening illness and injuries. They can handle everything from minor injuries to basic colds, vaccinations, and everything in between. Whether you are a senior or you take care of a senior, there are several great benefits of urgent care services.

Stress-Free and Calming Environment

If you have even been in an emergency room, then you already know how chaotic and crowded it can be at times. This can make your visit very stressful and make you feel rushed. Urgent care operates more like a doctor’s office with a calming atmosphere. A medical doctor, who will take the time to examine you properly and to answer all your questions, will always see you. This is often a better environment for seniors, and is less stressful then the ER.

Fast, Convenient, and Affordable

Just like the ER, urgent care is a walk-in service, where no appointment is necessary. However, they also tend to be less crowded and require a much shorter wait time. In addition, these care clinics are often open every day of the week, and usually even have extended evening hours. This is very convenient for those caring for elderly loved ones because they will not need to take off work in order to take their loved one to the doctor. Best of all, urgent care accepts most major insurances.

Urgent care provides seniors with the exceptional medical services of an ER, but in a doctor’s office environment. Whether you are not feeling well, you need lab work completed, you have sustained a minor injury, you need to have a yearly physical performed, or any other non-life threatening medical issues, head to an urgent care office for help.