Why Are Urgent Care Clinics Popular Now?

Urgent care clinics aren’t new, but their growing appearance in our communities is definitely noticeable. They might even join Starbucks and McDonald’s in the “on every corner” jokes.

The rise of the urgent care clinic boils down to two things: customer service and medicine have finally been combined and these clinics are the solution to many patient woes.

Faster Service at Walk-in Clinics

When you need immediate medical attention, it can be hard to get an appointment with your primary care doctor immediately. Emergency rooms may allow you to walk in, but you can expect to spend hours there.

Urgent care clinics don’t require appointments, but they also get you in and out rather quickly. Most patients are gone within the hour. As consumers, we like fast service and these clinics hit the nail on the head when it comes to addressing that need.

More Convenient for You

These clinics can also handle vaccinations and physicals. So, if your teenager hands you the forms they need for their sports physical the week it is due, you don’t have to panic. This can be easily handled at one of these walk-in clinics.

On top of that, the clinics are becoming fairly common. You only have one place to go for your primary care and hospitals can be few and far between.

Cheaper for You

Even if you have insurance, an emergency room can be expensive. Co-pays tend to be around $100. Urgent care clinics don’t charge nearly as much. The price is usually the same as going to see your regular doctor.

A Solution to a Problem

Prior to healthcare reform, hospitals were overburdened. People would show up either because they couldn’t get an appointment with their doctor or they didn’t have a primary care doctor. After the reform, there’s going to be a burden on primary care facilities as well.

Urgent care clinics offer a great in-between solution that provides immediate care for patients at reasonable costs and leaves room for true emergencies at emergency rooms.