When is Urgent Care Your Best Choice?

Urgent care centers have surged to popularity in recent years, as patients seek out the most convenient and affordable way to obtain medical care for health conditions that aren’t life-threatening. With urgent care centers now located in all major cities and towns, patients have their choice between the doctor’s office, the emergency room, or the urgent care center when a health issue arises. Choices are a wonderful thing to have, but this has left many patients unsure of the best destination after an accident or illness. These guidelines set the record straight.

Call the Doctor

Your doctor knows your history and understands the medical challenges you have faced in the past, but he also requires appointments to be made in advance and is most likely closed by 5PM each night. This is why doctors are best for yearly checkups, preventative care, and ongoing treatments for specific conditions.

Swing By Urgent Care

When you have a medical need that isn’t life-threatening but also can’t wait for an appointment, urgent care is the best choice. Urgent care centers set themselves apart by remaining open and available nearly every day of the year with extended hours. Tasks like lab work and physicals are easily completed at urgent care facilities, since no appointments are needed. Common problems seen in urgent care facilities include sports injuries, high fevers, flu and cold, stomach pains, fractures and sprains, and more.

Rush to the ER

The emergency room is bigger, scarier, and more expensive, but it’s the only option if you are dealing with a truly life-threatening emergency. If you are experiencing trouble breathing, unconsciousness, deep wounds, continuous bleeding, or other serious conditions, go directly to an emergency room.  

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