Tips for a Better Experience with Your Medical Doctor

Going to the doctor can be a very tedious part of life for some people. Long wait times in a room surrounded by others who are ill, on top of your own illness, all for a few minutes of the doctor’s time just seems like too much of a hassle. With just a few things in mind, you can make the most of those few minutes.

Be Prepared and Be Open

Have your previous medical records ready to go and bring a list of written questions you may have to make sure you won’t forget any when you’re in the office. This will help make the most of your time with the doctor to ensure that you receive the best care possible, with a focus on what’s important for your condition. Afterwards, write down your doctor’s recommendations. Studies show people forget over half of what their doctors tell them! Writing it down will prevent recurring visits.

Be sure that you tell your doctor what all of your symptoms are. List them in chronological order, from when you first noticed something was wrong up to the day you visit the doctor. Tell him what makes the condition better and what makes it worse, as this provides major diagnostic clues.

Ask About Your Diagnosis

When the doctor tells you what’s going on, be sure to ask as many questions as you can regarding the condition. Ask him to explain the diagnosis, how it affects you, and how it affects your family. Find out what changes you can make in your daily life to help it, what options you have in terms of cure or treatment, and if it can be transmitted or if a member of your family may have the same problem down the line.

Overall, when you enter any kind of physician’s office, come prepared with a sense of what you need to know, and be able to clearly communicate what’s happening with those treating you. These few simple guidelines will make the process as painless as possible.