The Top 3 Reasons More Patients are Choosing Urgent Care

Urgent Care was once a foreign concept in America, with most patients seeking care at the hospital or doctor’s office despite the prohibitive costs and inconvenience. Now, thousands of urgent care centers have been established across the country to provide on-demand healthcare for nearly everything except life-threatening emergencies. The next time that you find yourself seeking convenient and affordable medical care, the three following reasons make it worth it to head to a nearby urgent care.

Fast Treatment

Doctors’ offices and emergency rooms are notorious for their long waits, but urgent care centers manage to offer consistently fast treatments since they do not handle life-threatening conditions. Rather than a two-hour wait in the ER, you can walk into an urgent care center and be seen within 15 minutes. Best of all, you enjoy this speedy treatment in an environment that provides full services like on-site physicians, X-rays, lab testing, and more.    

Keep Money In Your Pocket

It’s no secret that just one visit to the emergency room can drain your savings account and leave you in debt. Even with insurance, many people simply can’t afford the emergency room. Urgent care offers a much more realistic solution by accepting most insurances and offering discounted self-pay options that range between $70 and $125. These impressively affordable costs make it possible for everybody to seek the care they need.   

Treatment From a Board Certified Physician

Urgent care centers like AFC Urgent Care St. Petersburg offer the highest level of professional medical care by ensuring that all patients are seen by experienced physicians. This means that you can arrive without notice at an urgent care facility and receive the highest standard of care and customer service without any of the downsides of traveling to a doctor’s office or emergency room.

Whether you need lab work, pregnancy testing, X-rays, minor surgical procedures, treatment for an illness, or a physical, an urgent care like AFC Urgent Care St. Petersburg can provide you with all the affordable and convenient services you need! With the convenient hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day of the week, AFC Urgent Care is always able to provide the care you need. Call (727) 821-8700 to learn more.