Terrified of Your Vaccinations? Here’s Some Helpful Advice

If you know that you need vaccinations or immunizations, the first thing you’re likely to think of is the needles involved. Even for the toughest person, needles can inspire an element of fear, and for some people, they can be out-and-out terrifying!

It’s actually believed that 1 in 10 Americans have a fear of needles, so if you do, understand that you are certainly not alone. Here’s some useful tips to cope with your phobia before your vaccinations.

Top Tips to Cope with Needle Fear

1) Talk it through. Remember, there’s nothing to be gained by concealing your fear. When you’re with your doctor, you don’t have to pretend to be a ‘tough guy’ – your doctor will understand if you’re nervous! However, if you don’t tell them, then they won’t be able to help you, so make sure you speak up before the needle goes in.

2) Have an anesthetic. Most doctors offer a topical anesthetic, which helps to numb the sensation of the needle entering the skin. The anesthetic itself is completely painless, as your doctor will simply rub it on to the surface of your skin.

3) Don’t watch. If you’re really worried about needles, it’s advisable to not watch the process, otherwise you may frighten yourself even more! Instead, look away and continue to talk to your doctor throughout, as this will help you to take your mind off it.

4) Get comfortable. If you’re prone to passing out, you may prefer to have your immunization or vaccination lying down. This more relaxed position may also help you to feel less stressed about the needle.

5) Positive thinking. Try to keep things in perspective. It’s something that will only take a few minutes, and it certainly won’t do any damage to you – in fact, the purpose is to help you to stay healthy!

Booking Your Vaccinations or Immunizations

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