How to Tell a Heart Attack From Other Causes of Chest Pain

If you think there is any chance that you might be suffering from a heart attack, then it is always crucial that you seek immediate medical attention and urgent care. In these situations, it’s always better to go to the doctor and to find that you didn’t need to than it is to stay at home and find out it really was a heart attack.

Still though, there are certainly some checks you can do yourself to identify whether or not you may be suffering from a genuine cardiac event.

For starters, note that heart attack pain tends to feel much more like a heavy pressure on the chest. This might make it hard for you to catch your breath and it means that you can rule out any sharp shooting pains that are more likely to be caused by your intercostal muscles between your ribs. At the same time, heart attacks will often be accompanied by pain in the arm. If you notice this then you should seek urgent care.

One of the most common issues that gets confused with heart attack is a panic attack. In a panic attack, anxiety causes the individual to experience very rapid breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain. Panic attacks tend to involve much more localized pain in the heart area and is often sharper and more inclined to come and go. Ironically, it is the concern that they may be having a heart attack that causes many people to panic more and to worsen their symptoms.

If you are unsure, then you should always get urgent care. Nevertheless, in case you are suffering panic attack, try to stay calm and to breathe steadily while you wait to get seen to. Stress never helped anyone!