Taking Your Child to Urgent Care Services: How to Ease Their Anxiety

For children, seeing a doctor can be a worrying event. After all, it’s likely that in the past, they’ve experienced sharp needles, stinging ointments and slightly unpleasant-tasting medicine courtesy of their local doctor, which can make them unsurprisingly a little wary!

If your child has an accident or is unwell, and you need to bring them to an urgent care appointment, here’s a few great ways of soothing them before they arrive.

Calming Your Child Effectively Before Their Urgent Care Appointment

1) Explain the process. A lot of fear stems from the ‘unknown’ and taking the mystery out of a doctor’s appointment can help to make your child feel a lot less scared about it. Explain to them exactly why they’re going, and how the doctor is going to help make them feel better.

2) Get familiar. If possible, take them in to see your local urgent care specialist when they’re younger. Seeing a familiar doctor rather than a stranger’s face can really help to make your child feel secure.

3) Don’t lie to them. It’s tempting to tell your child that shots don’t hurt or that the medicine tastes like chocolate. However, while lying to your child may achieve the results you want in the short-term, in the longer-term, it can actually make them a lot more wary about anything related to the doctors.

4) Let them talk. If your child is feeling scared before your urgent care appointment, give them the time to explain how they feel. It may seem like a silly thing to be nervous about when you’re an adult, but it’s important to remember that, for a kid, these issues can feel very serious indeed!

5) Take a friend. If your child has a special teddy or doll, suggest that they take it with them for a bit of ‘moral support’. This can help to comfort your child while they’re in the doctor’s appointment.

Finding the Right Urgent Care in St Petersburg

Above all else, make sure you find a professional urgent care provider who is good with children and who understands how to make them feel at ease. If you require urgent care for your child in St Petersburg, get in touch with Doctors Express today by calling 727 821 8700.