Stay Healthy This Summer

Warmer weather doesn’t mean a lack of health issues. You may not have people cooped up in close quarters, but potential health hazards are still lurking.

Here is a list of ways to keep you and your loved ones healthy during the warmer months.

1. Use Caution When Grilling

Grilling outdoors is a fun way to enjoy the spring and summer days. You also need to watch out for a few things. To prevent burns, keep a fire extinguisher close and don’t leave the grill unattended. For food safety, use a meat thermometer and don’t put the cooked meat on the same plate you used when it was raw.

2. Beat the Heat

The most common summer health problems are sunburn and dehydration. Prevent burns by wearing breathable, light-colored clothing, wear sunscreen and use sun glasses. If you’re going to be outside, make sure you and your loved ones are drinking plenty of water, even if you’re swimming. For especially hot days, avoid being outdoors in the afternoon hours.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to stay on top of your exercise program. If it’s too hot to exercise outside, you can join a gym or find a fitness program to watch and follow along with at home.

You can also take advantage of the organic fruits and vegetable in season. They will taste great and they’re great for your body.

4. Watch Out for Poison Ivy

Nothing can ruin a good hiking or camping trip quite like poison ivy. You can avoid it by covering up, washing immediately or wearing protective balm.

If it’s too late for protection, try cold compresses and calamine lotion. Don’t pick at the rash; you don’t want to get it infected. Call your doctor or visit an urgent care clinic if the rash comes with a fever or you see pus oozing.

5. Avoid the Bugs

Bugs can come with a lot of problems. Specifically, you have to worry about mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus and ticks spreading Lyme Disease. Make sure you wear insect repellent, stay on clear, open paths when hiking and do a body check after you’re done outdoors.

Call your doctor or stop in an urgent care clinic if you notice a rash or have a fever.

Urgent Care Clinics Help With Summer Problems

If you have a rash, fever, burns or something else that needs immediate relief, urgent care clinics offer walk-in service. Stay safe and healthy!