Sports Injuries: Know Your Care Options

The scenario is very plausible. It’s a Saturday. You’re playing a pick up game of basketball on your usual court, enjoying a weekend day and some sports action. You land too hard coming down from a layup, spraining your ankle badly. It’s obvious to everyone on the court, including yourself, that you’ll need care for your injury, and that the care can’t wait. But do you really want to go to the emergency room for a sprained ankle? Do you really want to sit through all those hours of waiting and fork out that massive copay for your insurance? Of course you don’t, and fortunately for you there’s another option.

Walk-In Clinics

Increasing in popularity in recent years, walk-in clinics offer a viable alternative to the grind of an emergency room visit. Patients have come to rely on these clinics for their urgent care needs, travel vaccinations and flu shots, and other health related needs. In many urban and suburban communities, walk-in clinics now far outnumber emergency rooms. Chances are there’ll be a walk-in clinic in much closer proximity to the basketball court than the nearest emergency room. The advantages of visiting a walk-in clinic for sports injuries are many.

You’ll wait less time – In cases of sprains and pulled hamstrings, pain is an issue. Anyone who has sweated it out in an emergency room for hours knows that there has to be a better way, and with walk-in clinics there finally is. Care in these clinics generally takes much less time than in the ER. You’ll be back out enjoying your weekend, with a slight limp, in no time.

You’ll pay less money – Most insurance agencies treat walk-in clinic visits like regular doctor visits, meaning your copay will be far less than the normal $50 or so dollar rate for an emergency room visit.

You won’t be lost in the shuffle – With emergency rooms, you end up getting lost in the fray amidst a disorganized system. At a walk-in clinic, you’ll receive the personalized and efficient care you deserve as a patient. The doctors at most walk-in clinics are top rate and under far less schedule crush and stress than ER doctors. This allows them to provide the personalized care you need for sports injuries.

With the walk-in clinic, you finally have a fast, efficient, and less costly option than the emergency room. So when you find yourself with that sprained ankle on the basketball court, you know where to go for the treatment you deserve.