RAPID COVID-19 and Serum Antibody Testing in St. Petersburg

Currently, pricing for rapid COVID-19 testing is $95 with most insurance plans and $195 without insurance.

Our COVID rapid test is used for international travel as well as we are an approved provider for Hawaii travel.  Get your test here fast.

At AFC Urgent Care St. Petersburg, we’re offering rapid COVID-19 testing for our patients in the St. Pete community. Currently, COVID-19 testing is required for many patients to return to work or school, travel, and participate in other in-person activities. By adopting rapid COVID-19 testing equipment, AFC St. Petersburg can now give patients faster results for their safety and convenience.

How Rapid COVID-19 Testing Works

The rapid COVID-19 test is a molecular PCR test. It works very quickly to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes symptoms of COVID-19. This test will provide positive results as soon as three to five minutes after it has been administered! For negative tests, patients generally receive their results within 15 minutes. A positive result from the rapid test indicates an active infection with COVID-19.

All of the providers at AFC St. Petersburg have been thoroughly trained in administering rapid COVID-19 tests. Through scrupulous sanitation practices and efficient techniques, we’re committed to maintaining AFC as a safe and accessible COVID-19 testing provider. Our physicians will also ensure that you receive any medical care that you need according to the results of your test.

The Innovative Abbott ID NOW COVID Testing System

AFC St. Petersburg uses the Abbott ID NOW COVID testing system for rapid molecular testing. The ID NOW COVID-19 test is at the forefront of rapid testing equipment and provides fast, reliable results at point-of-care locations. With the innovative technology of the ID NOW system and our providers’ expertise, AFC is proud to deliver an excellent quality of care for our patients.

Walk In Today For Rapid COVID-19 Testing

The demand for rapid COVID-19 testing has increased as more people are returning to their normal activities. At AFC St. Petersburg, we’re committing to serving our patients’ ongoing needs with accessible rapid COVID-19 testing. Currently, a walk-in visit to AFC St. Petersburg is the quickest way to receive rapid COVID-19 testing.