Occupational Health Services for Employees and Employers

Employee health is a high priority for a successful business. Our highly qualified medical professionals can help ensure that your staff remain healthy and productive. Our comprehensive, integrated occupational health services deliver medical care, treatment and testing for both employers and employees.

Comprehensive treatment and follow-up care for workplace-related injuries and illness help employees return to work sooner. Our commitment to communication keeps employers and employees fully informed of ongoing treatments and conditions to ensure that treatments provided are effective and cost-efficient. Our reliable and streamlined record keeping makes it easier to track employee health and treatment. We offer services tailored for businesses of all sizes.

We provide:

  • Urgent Care services
  • Pre-Employment/Pre-Placement screening
  • DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing
  • Annual medical examinations for employees
  • International travel-related medical services
  • Health and safety training and education programs

Compliance With Federal Workplace Safety Regulations

Occupational health and safety are not only a good business practice, they are required by law. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) states that employers are responsible for providing a safe workplace (https://www.osha.gov/OSHA_FAQs.html#q_2).

Our integrated, comprehensive occupational health services can help businesses improve productivity and worker morale, and reduce costs of time lost due to injuries. It can help ensure that your business is in compliance with federal regulations, thereby reducing or eliminating legal costs. Our education programs promoting workplace safety for employers and employees can help reduce serious accidents on the site (http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/).

Occupational health is a field where the concerns and interests of individuals as employees and employers merge with larger issues of workplace safety and overall productivity. In this crucial area, our medical expertise, professionalism and tradition of providing compassionate care benefit all concerned.

As with all our services, no appointments are needed.