When You Need Urgent Care Immediately

You have just crashed your bike and need to get medical attention immediately. You’re not sure if your arm is broken or not and you think that some of your cuts may require stitches. You dread the thought of heading to the emergency room and waiting 5 to 6 hours just to be seen and then having to wait even longer to get scheduled for an x-ray and possibly some stitches. In these types of cases you can head right over to Doctor’s Express for fast service and effective treatments.

The wait time is approximately 20 minutes on average here at our urgent care clinic. The doctor will see you as fast as humanly possible and get an X-ray done of your arm. He will be able to let you know right away whether your arm has been broken or any other internal damage has happened to it. If it is broken or fractured you can take a copy of the X-rays over to the hospital with you to save on any further costs.

Stitches can be provided on the spot and other cuts can be thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected. If your arm has just been bruised you will be given advice as to how to handle it and the pain. If you have any questions about your treatment options at this point you can ask the doctor and get the answers you deserve. We don’t operate by rushing people in and out the door and that is why we have built up such a positive reputation in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.

All of our physicians at Doctor’s Express are committed to giving you the best service possible and want you to return any time you need urgent care. Offering a full line of medical services for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, we are the go-to health practitioners that you can count on for effective treatment and gentle care.

When you have a cold or flu that you’d like to get checked out you won’t have to spend endless hours waiting in an uncomfortable chair for your name to be called next. We don’t like to keep you waiting for longer than we have to and you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll be seen when you walk in off the street for a service.

Our urgent care clinic offers St. Pete residents extended hours. If you need non-urgent care for a physical exam or some lab work done, and can wait until after work, you can visit us after your day has ended. This is the convenience that many people like to take advantage of and simply drop by after work for their care.

Whether you need immediate assistance or have some other medical reasons for visiting, we are always here when you need us the most. Save time and money by using our services and skip the hospital altogether for many common ailments and injuries. Our urgent care medical clinic can replace many hospital visits and is the most convenient way to handle your medical requirements.