Do You Need Specific Medical Attention Before Your Trip Abroad?

Traveling overseas is an exciting and unique experience, but it also requires intensive preparation. In addition to packing your bags and planning your itinerary, you also need to remember to receive vaccinations and other preventative care that will help you stay healthy during your travels.

The Relationship Between Travel and Preventative Medicine

We live in an era of globalization, and the ability to travel nearly any place in the world by simply purchasing airline tickets makes it easier than ever for people of different countries to become exposed to illnesses that don’t exist in their homeland. Most significantly, about 80 million people per year travel from developed to developing countries where many deadly diseases still thrive. Without the right vaccinations, those travelers put themselves at major risk of contracting a serious disease and spreading that disease back in their country of origin.

Components of Travel Medicine

Before you travel to a different country, it is critical that you visit a medical center and complete enough research to understand what type of medical attention you need to remain healthy and prevent the spread of disease. According to the CDC, travel medicine requires vaccinations and the “Six I’s”: insect deterrents, ingestion safety, indiscretion prevention, injury prevention, immersion, and insurance.

For instance, if you are traveling to specific areas in Africa, you need to receive the vaccination for Yellow Fever and follow specific preventative steps to avoid infection. Malaria is another major concern that requires the use of mosquito nets, DEET, and a chemoprophylaxis treatment. You should also travel with a medication kit that will help you prevent and treat foreign illnesses.

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