Head to an Urgent Care Center, Not a Hospital

Have you ever suffered a minor injury, driven to the emergency room for care, and waited an excruciating 3 or 4 hours to receive a doctor’s attention? Chances are your time during treatment in the hospital included a dizzying number of personnel, tests, and signed papers followed by a medical bill large enough to induce a heart attack on the spot… if you could afford the additional care! While emergency rooms are lifesavers, literally, in life-threatening situations, urgent care centers now offer a much faster and more affordable option for minor injuries and illnesses.

Urgent care centers are operated by licensed and professional doctors who can treat any vital medical need that isn’t life threatening. This includes cuts, bruises, sprains, eye injuries, fractures, and standard illnesses like the flu or a fever. Urgent care centers can often even help you manage chronic health conditions like diabetes if your physician’s office isn’t open. Better yet, urgent cares promise short wait times and personalized attention to make your experience with injury and illness as brief as possible.

Unlike doctor’s offices, urgent care centers are open on weekends and after standard business hours, providing you with more flexibility when trying to receive care. Urgent care is also a much more affordable means of receiving medical attention. What may cost $2,000 in a hospital would only cost $400 at an urgent care, since the urgent care doctor does not need to prescribe to the same intensive routine treatment that an emergency room doctor would.

In addition to handling the immediate medial situation, urgent cares also offer X-rays, lab work, and even provide prescriptions so that you can enjoy the perks of one-stop-shopping. When you’re already injured or dealing with a loved one, you need simplicity, and you need it fast! That’s exactly what an urgent care center can provide.