Four Reasons to Continue Your Yearly Physicals

Recent articles online have attempted to dissuade people from participating in yearly physicals stating that they are of no benefit to the patient or the doctor. The truth is this: A yearly physical is the best money you will spend.

There are benefits to the yearly physical that cannot be ignored.

Four Benefits of Physicals

If you are looking for a reason to skip your yearly physical, you won’t find it here. Instead, here are four reasons that we suggest you continue getting them.

• Baseline – Without a baseline, your doctor has no information to look at should you become ill. When you get a physical during a period of optimal health, your doctor collects information and understands what your “normal” is.
• Lifestyle – When you visit your doctor yearly, he knows what to look for when it comes to your risky or unhealthy behaviors. Your doctor can offer you advice on how to break habits, lose weight, or otherwise improve your health.
• Risk – Almost everyone has some illness or disease that runs in his or her family. By visiting your doctor every year, he can screen you for early symptoms of these genetic and hereditary issues.
• Vaccines – When you see your doctor yearly, you are more likely to get the vaccinations that are appropriate for your age, lifestyle, and health risks.

Whether you are healthy or ill, you need to see your doctor at least once each year. Visiting the doctor for your yearly physical is often the best way to detect illnesses in their earliest stages.

If you have talked yourself out of a yearly physical, rethink your position. The majority of physicians recommend these checkups for all people. No matter your age, you owe it to your health to visit your doctor annually.