Florida SHOTS: Keeping the Record Straight

Florida SHOTS is the State Health Online Tracking System and a free, statewide online immunization registry. It helps healthcare providers, as well as schools, keep track of the children’s immunization records. The system grants registered system users’ access to confidential immunization information, using a secure electronic system.

Access to the records of the patient from other providers, as you verify immunization status and have check on immunization schedules. Apart from uploading historical data and updating immunization histories, you can also register new patients into the system. Using Florida SHOTS, you can quickly determine the child’s immunization needs based on the past data available in the system.

However, parents and their children are not required to enroll as they can get any information needed from their child’s doctor. Healthcare providers, schools licensed childcare centers can apply for access.

The benefit of using Florida SHOTS is that all parties can access current immunization records, which helps prevent duplicative immunization. In case of lost records or disaster, vaccine histories are protected as well. The system allows for consolidation of immunization records from a number of health-care providers.

For those who have applied online for Florida SHOTS, you can access training that is free and available anytime and anywhere you are as a user. The training can get completed at the pace of the user, depending on his or her schedule. Parents can get their child’s DH 680 record through their child’s doctor.

By using the Florida SHOTS, you get the assurance that your child will be able to receive all the vaccines and get the needed protection from dangerous diseases that are preventable through immunization.

Florida SHOTS has received endorsement from Florida Academy of Family Physicians, Florida Medical Association, Florida Osteopathic Medical Association among others.