Fear of the Hospital: A Foreign Student’s Policy

Thousands of foreign students enroll annually in the American educational system. Most have this strategy drummed into their ears by loved ones before they arrive: ‘Avoid the American healthcare system’. This fear stems from the fact that receiving healthcare in the U.S. can be very expensive and parents would have already depleted their funds to pay for academic expenses.

This belief causes most foreign students to miss a vital facility offered on most university campuses, the university’s urgent care center. Some students postpone visits to the doctor if they can help it. Using a combination of painkillers and home nursing tactics, they prefer to wait until they can see their local doctor on a holiday trip back home.

Campus urgent care centers

Universities usually establish an urgent care center on campus or have a relationship with an external facility of campus. These centers provide walk-in health care to students at a discounted rate, whether students are insured or not. Some even offer select services like STD testing to students free of charge. Most urgent care centers advertise what services they offer on the university’s website and student services.

Campus urgent care center and insurance

A significant number of universities require every student to have a health insurance policy. These health insurance policies, such as United Healthcare Insurance, are tailored to cover one academic year, or certain periods within the academic year. Fear of medical bills prevents some foreign students from taking advantage of some preventive care that is covered by the insurance.

A visit to the campus health center is worth it

As a foreign student, your campus urgent care center has a lot of information that will be useful to you. Take a copy of your health insurance if you have one and talk to the information desk. Get a list of all health services you can partake in, what is covered and what you can get for free. Your best bet for health information is your campus urgent care center.