What Exactly Is MCT Oil?

Oil used to be the “O Word” in health. It was seen as a fatty substance that led to weight gain and helped brownies taste so great. But today health experts recognize that there are a multitude of oils that provide critical health benefits when taken as a daily supplement.

An Introduction to MCT Oil
MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, and MCT oil is a saturated fatty acid with a whole slew of health benefits. In fact, coconut oil is roughly 62% MCT oil, which is one of the reasons it has launched to such popularity the past few years. As people begin to better understand the benefits of MCT oil, more consumers are seeking out and purchasing concentrated MCT oils.

The Benefits of MCT Oil
To begin, MCT fatty acids are not found nearly enough in the standard American diet since saturated fat has a very bad reputation. Oils as important as MCT need to be consumed every single day to benefit the heart, brain, and body.

The health benefits of MCT oil are aplenty. First and foremost, MCT oil assists with weight loss and weight maintenance since it is sent directly to the liver to be burned as energy. This boosts metabolic rate and suppresses fat deposition by producing ketones. MCT oil also protects heart health by preventing obesity, hypertension, and inflammation.

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you that MCT oil is worth a try, it also significantly improves energy levels and enhances your mood! Since the brain is composed of fatty acids, a steady supply of healthy fatty acids supports the brain in its quest to perform well and think clearly. By fueling your brain with MCT oil, your whole body benefits.

Last but certainly not least, MCT oil can improve digestion and nutrient absorption by balancing bacteria in the gut. When your intestinal tract is properly balanced, your immune system functions more efficiently, your body can absorb the vitamins and minerals crucial to your health, and your digestive system will run smoothly.

You can find MCT oil in any health food store. Just one or two tablespoons a day can help you reap all of these benefits!