How to Convince a Loved One to See the Doctor

When it comes to visiting the doctor, many of us are essentially hypocrites. We have the best of intentions of course but that doesn’t mean that we will necessarily always follow our own advice.

If you know someone with an injury or illness for instance, you will likely urge them to visit a doctor as this is what anyone tends to do when they love someone. We then tend to get increasingly frustrated as they either refuse to go outright or just struggle to ‘get around to it’. This can result in arguments, but the truth often is that we would do the exact same thing. That’s why we need people who love us around us – so that they can encourage us to actually go to the doctor.

So how do you convince someone who is resistant to head to the doctor? A few different things can help…

Making it Easy

The first reason that many of us put off going to the doctor is the ‘hassle’ involved. The solution as a concerned loved one is to make this as easy as possible. Look for an urgent care ‘walkin clinic’ and you can forgo the need to make an appointment. Likewise, you should try to find a time to encourage them to visit. This might mean booking a day off together, or just suggesting they visit the urgent care clinic when they really have no excuse not to.

Showing How Much it Means to You

The other thing to do is to appeal to their good nature. No one can be upset or offended by you showing them such love and concern, so explain to them how worried they’re making you and how much better you would feel if they went.