The Worst Summer Illnesses

Worst Summer Illnesses

Summer is the time we all want to be outside, enjoying the sun and playing in the sand. But summer illnesses are always lurking, ready to suck the fun right out of your summertime activities. These are the worst summer illnesses and what you can do to prevent them: Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) Swimmer’s ear

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Do You Need a Tetanus Shot?

Tetanus Shot

Tetanus, often referred to as lockjaw, is a painful disease that causes the muscles in the neck and jaw to lock up, making it difficult to open the mouth, swallow, and sometimes breathe. Tetanus sufferers may also experience: Sudden stomach muscle spasms Seizures Painful stiffness all over the body Headache Fever Sweating Changes in blood

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Is It Pink Eye or Allergies?

We’re all familiar with symptoms of the common cold, but sometimes other conditions are to blame for itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. If your eyes have become especially watery and itchy, you may not be sure whether allergies or pink eye is causing your discomfort. Learn how to tell the difference between the two

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Causes and Symptoms of a Persistent Cough

We all cough from time to time, but chronic coughing that lasts longer than eight weeks may indicate a more serious underlying condition. Compared to short-lived coughs triggered by the common cold or allergies, persistent coughing is a sign that a more serious health issue needs to be addressed.  Causes of a Persistent Cough Some

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STD Signs and Symptoms

Nobody wants to talk about STDs openly, but they’re far more common than most people realize. The strain of herpes that causes cold sores is believed to infect up to 75% of the population! It’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of STDs so that you can protect yourself, seek treatment, and keep yourself

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COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids

COVID-19 most commonly impacts adults and those with risk factors such as respiratory diseases, but children of all ages can become infected with the coronavirus. Most kids infected with COVID-19 don’t show the same intense symptoms that adults experience, but it’s still essential to understand and recognize the signs of coronavirus in kids.  Is Your

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Tips on Preventing COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and has deeply impacted our nation, but there’s some good news underneath it all: COVID-19 is easy to prevent with simple measures.  Consider these hints and tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect yourself from exposure to the virus.

Allergies Vs. COVID

Is it allergies or COVID? This is a question many people are asking themselves as spring allergy season gets into full gear. Though some key symptoms are the same, it is possible to differentiate between seasonal allergies and the coronavirus. Here’s what you should know.  What Are Seasonal Allergies? Seasonal allergies aren’t caused by a

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